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Allowing viewers to experience the nation through the first-hand lens of its own people.

The art exhibition will take place as a CSA space gallery from April 3 to May 1, 2024. It has been selected as part of a Capture Photography Festival. Featuring Ukrainian woman photographers who serve as the voices of their generation, capturing the essence of the current era by addressing the prevailing issues, challenges, and aspirations. Their works provide profound insights into the intricate tapestry of contemporary Ukrainian life. Historically burdened by limited control over its portrayal and plagued by negative stereotypes and misconceptions, Ukraine now has the opportunity to present a more nuanced and authentic perspective through this exhibition, as it allows viewers to experience the nation through the first-hand lens of its own people.


Alina Senchenko is a Ukrainian artist and curator living and working in Vancouver on the unceded land of Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and the Squamish peoples. In 2015 she graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, majoring in Photography. She has sought to explore the complexity of her immigrant identity, belonging and displacement within her own experience as well as globally. Additionally, her work deals with memory, diasporas, stereotypes, oral histories and reflection on recent events in Ukraine and around the world. She is especially interested in questioning historical narratives through the humble act of recording stories and bearing witness. Senchenko’s practice is founded in photography, with an interest in text, historical images and contemporary archives. While investigating the limitations of each medium within her work she is trying to create a layered understanding of the world around her. Recently, Senchenko developed a profound interest in film and video work which she has been incorporating into her practice. 

Senchenko has exhibited locally and internationally: at 560 Gallery (Vancouver) in 2023, Canton Sardine in 2022 (Vancouver), CSA Space in 2019 (Vancouver), Rudolfstrasse 7 in 2018 (Germany), Art Platform in 2018 (Ukraine), Dynamo Art Association in 2017, PLAZA Projects 2016, Print Ready VII 2016, Project Space 2015, Vancouver Art/Book Fair 2015, Access Gallery 2014, and Square Project 2014 (Vancouver). In 2019, she received BC Arts Council Mentorship Grant with Sandra Semchuk, in 2018 she was an honourable mention in the Scorpion and Felix Book Award and was awarded a small run of her book by Publication Studio in Vancouver; in 2014 Senchenko was the finalist for the AIMIA/AGO photography prize.


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